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  • To stay healthy, it is important to eat the right foods and drink plenty of fluids. In these books, you’ll come to know that cooking at home can be fun, quick, and a lot less expensive than eating out. Here we’ve listed recipe books like Indian, Italian, South African, Filipino etc., We encourage you to try new things like baking, vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes and be creative when cooking, and we hope you will enjoy using these books.   
  • Before starting to use a recipe, read the recipe twice. The First time you read it, you will be able to decide if it is something that you want to cook or eat. Ask yourself: “Is there something in it that I really hate?” “Does it need a piece of equipment that I don’t have?” “Will it take too long to make?” 
  • The second time you read it, you need to think about the ingredients and ask yourself: “Do I have all the ingredients, or do I need to go shopping for whatever I am missing?” 
  • Before you start, take out everything you need for the recipe. Take out the bowls, pots, measuring spoons, measuring cups, and all the ingredients you need. 
  • When using a recipe for the first time, do just what it tells you to do. The next time you make the recipe, you can make changes to the ingredients or change the temperature in the oven if you need. 
  • Do not limit yourself on choosing only recipes that include foods you like. Try something new or try a food that you did not like in the past you may be surprised. 
  • Remember sometimes the recipes might not work the first time don’t let that keep you from trying again.  

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    Things to be Remembered:

    1. Always wash your hands before cooking.
    2. Wear an apron while cooking and cleaning.
    3. Keep your utensils, counters, and cutting boards clean.

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